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How It Works

ChekOne Apps for detailed inspections, notes and condition reports.

ChekOne, a simple rugged device for basic confirmation of Activity, Communication, and Digital Reports.

Put simply, associate who, what, where, and when; in an infinite number of ways. How those elements are associated and what they are called is up to you.

ChekOne NFC or barcodes are placed at a location. Workers or supervisors scan these barcodes or NFC tags with the ChekOne or App  that transmit the location, worker ID , time and details for reporting and alerts.

Information is recorded in payroll, task and location reports. The reports can be exported or printed with a click.

Create NFC tag or barcode from
web software
Scan Location tag with smart phone or ChekOne device to prove site attendance
Scan Area tag
Select details from drop downs on display, add notes and photos if using smart phone
Select “save” and details of who, what, where and when are displayed in inspection, task, work order and time and attendance reports