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Security guards make multiple patrols at multiple client locations each day. Enormous numbers of events need to be verified, and supervisors need to know that the sites are actively being patrolled and any issues that are found, so they can keep the client informed.


Security issues are important and have liability associated with it. Mistakes need to be at an absolute minimum. With a paper based system, many issues arise in transcribing these notes making this process long and costly. Supervisors cannot verify what checks have been completed and which need attention. New guards may not know the route and checks.


From the device display the guard selects the schedule tasks and goes to the locations and checkpoints at each location. With a ChekOne or App, patrol guards now have the ability to add details of site conditions while completing their patrols at a client's property. Guards are alerted to missed checks as they go, and supervisors receive alerts of incidents. This greatly reduces the amount of hand written notes and special forms to be completed during a patrol shift.


Having incident reports automatically generated from doing the patrol not only saves time but allows the supervisors and clients to be immediately aware of any issues or security risks.
Electronic reports make invoicing and payroll data available in real time.